Weekly Writing Prompt ~ Dr. Frankenstein ||WriterzBlox.net

Lucky you, you win a contest to create a new species ~ that’s right a new species!

You are given the opportunity to create your own unique human/animal/insect hybrid. What will you create? What physical attributes will you give it? Will it be more or less intelligent? What unique capabilities will it possess? What would its daily routine be like? Think of the possibilities; however be careful, you also need to consider that there could be a dark side to your creation!

Get creative and have fun! 🙂

Weekly Writing Prompt ~ 24 hours ||WriterzBlox.net

We all have our favourite literary heroes/heroines. Imagine that you get to spend 24 hours with them. What are they like? Where do you go? What adventures do you embark on? Do they have any quirky or annoying habits, are they secretly afraid of the dark or do they tell horrible jokes? At the end of the 24 hours does your initial opinion of them stay intact?

Get creative, write and most of all have fun!

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