Affirmations for Writers~April 17th, 2012~via


“I am willing to put in the work to become a published author.”


One thought on “Affirmations for Writers~April 17th, 2012~via

  1. Yes I easily spend ten hours in front of my computer on a beloved project. I am a freak about editing and I’m not afraid to make changes b/cause of constructive advice or the gut feeling that tells me to go in a different direction. Today in this social media marketing mess (it’s a mess to me) I’m far from the in loop. I realize that technology coupled with content in this matrix shifted while I stay with my sticktoit on literature that I believed served as the yellow brick road for present, current literature. Also, I would love to write like a modern day Johnny Got a Gun/ now TBI and explosive devises, imagine Johnny Got a Gun with a TBI man it could be PTSDand Fantasywith reality construed by the author and conveyed to the reader so deeply pervasive that this effects how books are shelved at a small town library. Just trying to make a point. I noticed your reading for Goodreads. I suggest the Alexandrian Quartet by Lawrence Durell (sp of last name I always mess up) The best of the best, he was to receive Nobel Prize for literature in the 1970’s, but his opinions disqualified him. His use language so rich and alluring I advise one to strap oneself in your seat everytime you take the time to read it. Another absolute favorite–Fernando Pessoa–The Book of Disquiet–he uses10 heteronyms that he started to build as characters/people at the age of 10 years old. Very brilliant. So there you have it. My 10 cents wrapped up in a reply.

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