Writerzblox.net’s May 2012 Monthly Newsletter!

Welcome to Writerzblox.net’s May 2012 Newsletter! This month we have some tips on choosing topics, as well as book recommendations, a monthly writing prompt, free wallpaper, tips, tricks and plenty of inspiration.

What to Write ~ How to choose topics with passion!

At one point in their writing career, a writer will ponder what it is they should be writing about.  Many writers have heard the old adage, ‘write what you know’.   In some cases, this is true – if you have extensive knowledge of and a passion for a subject, it will most likely make for intriguing and passionate prose.  For many though, writing offers them a chance to learn and research a topic that they might not ever otherwise have a reason to read about.

There are so many ways to generate ideas to write about. For many, topics come easily but if you are stuck, ask yourself some of the following questions or try some of these tips:

  •         What have you always wanted to learn about?
  •         Are you taking a course or class that you can use as fodder for your writing?
  •         Do you have a particular skill that you can share with others? i.e. computers, sewing,  etc.
  •         What are you interested in? i.e. history, movies, music, etc.
  •         Do you travel for work or pleasure? Write reviews of resorts or tourist attractions that you visit.
  •         Do you know any every day hints and tips that could help others? i.e. cooking, organizing
  •         Scour newspapers, magazines and the internet to get topic ideas.
  •         Use your cell phone camera to take pictures that inspire you and write a story based on them.
  •         If you’ve had an interesting life, write a memoir of your experiences.
There are so many different ways to be inspired.  One of the most important ways to capture ideas is to keep a notebook handy at all times.  A few cheap dollar store notebooks kept in your car, bag and bedside can ensure that you are always able to jot down ideas as they come to you.  Even if an idea seems too bizarre or strange, write it down anyway – it could lead to something tangible.

Writing is a creative act, so don’t be afraid to get creative with topic selection.

‘Writing is an exploration. You start from nothing and learn as you go.’ ~  E. L. Doctorow

Affirmation For Writers

This Month’s Affirmation: “I am always inspired, motivated and ready to write.”

May’s Book of the Month

Book Review

The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything [Hardcover]

Ken Robinson (Author)

Reviewer: Belinda Witzenhausen

‘The Element’ is a book that discusses the importance of creativity in our lives. Not a self-help book per say, but a book that opens up the mind to different perspectives asking one to explore the necessity of creativity, diversity and imagination to enhance life. To quote Ken Robinson, “The Element is where a person’s natural talent meets their personal passion.” Robinson explores the conditions required for us to uncover the Element in ourselves and encourages us to invite others to partake as well. “The Element” discusses creative people such as Matt Groening, Mick Fleetwood, Bart Conner, Paul McCartney, Meg Ryan, and Debbie Allen just to name a few. “The Element” also goes a step further, discussing the impact of our current education system and the drawbacks that will be facing children in the future.

“The Element” is a book written to incite thought and open our eyes to the diversity of unique abilities that we all have. In my opinion this book is a wonderful, intelligent, often humorous read that will definitely help one gain a much broader perspective about ourselves, and society as a whole.

List Price: CDN$ 28.50

For an interesting video from TED Talks~ Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity

May’s Book Recommendations

Becoming a Writer [Paperback] by Dorothea Brande (Author)

List Price: CDN$ 16.50

How to Be a Writer: Building Your Creative Skills Through Practice and Play [Paperback] by Barbara Baig (Author)

List Price: CDN$ 18.99

May’s Writing Prompt

Dream Big!  For most of us we often harbour huge dreams that we never act on simply due to a fear of failure. What is the one thing you would do if you knew you could not fail? Get creative, write and most importantly have fun! 🙂

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2 Replies to “Writerzblox.net’s May 2012 Monthly Newsletter!”

  1. Hello Belinda, I needed these tips yesterday. Actually, the answer was right before my eyes. I have an assignment to write a rondeau redouble’. I let concern over form override the reality of a suitable topic. This morning while preparing to volunteer for a therapeutic riding session, I realized my topic would be about horses and riders.

    Head slap time 🙂 Thanks for sharing these useful tips!

  2. I liked your monthly newsletter as it gives me some very good ideas on how to get ideas on what to write about. I do a blog and sometimes I think my life is boring and people would not like to hear what is going on in my life. But yet, everyday living and sharing I feel is good. I enjoy reading about what is happening in other’s lives. I try to connect my writing with how the Lord helped me through something or how I felt His presence durning the day.

    Thank you for doing your newsletter. It helps me also to get familiar with new writers.


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