One Reply to “ of the Week~May 25th, 2012”

  1. Hi. It took a very long time to reach the realized condition in which every where I set foot or laid down dawned on a new milieu–In order for me to create I pay attention: not consciously, but with awareness. I live every day as a reason to improve. It’s not always directed at my writing. I improve my character, my relationships with friends, relatives, significant other (slowly but not too slow), and I love to chat with strangers perhaps in the grocery store purgatory line. I guess “the world is my oyster” or I never turn down a chance to learn. It’s upon this principal that I write about the harsh topics I chose. I go through the narrative with the characters. My muscles hurt, my head aches, I’m starving, or in a rage, but it’s glorious. Pessoa, he mentions Sensationism in his notes along with a poet who is exemplary at it. I believe it’s possible. But one must jump out of the plane with no gear–and concentrate on how one feels until one’s union with….Have a good one!!

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