Weekly Writing Spark~June 4th|| WriterzBlox.net


You have been given a time machine and the opportunity to travel to any period of history. Where do you travel and why? Describe your day.  Who do you meet?  What do you see?

Get creative and most important ~ have fun! 🙂


One thought on “Weekly Writing Spark~June 4th|| WriterzBlox.net

  1. Yes, I would travel back in time to when everyone I loved was still alive and life was full of sunbeams sparkling on water and the song of the red wing blackbird… to the time when I thought the nursery rhyme See Saw Marjorie Daw was about my sister Margie and we sang it together while sitting in the pretty red glider my dad had built. And if I could, I would bring back a few sparkling sunbeams to share with my grandchildren and they could see right into my heart.

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