Weekly Writing Spark~July 9th|| WriterzBlox.net


Although, not all surprises are good and not everyone is fond of them, what was a pleasant surprise that was memorable for you? 

Write about what happened and why it was so meaningful.                                                                                           

Reflect and write! 🙂


One thought on “Weekly Writing Spark~July 9th|| WriterzBlox.net

  1. Does writing creativity extend to re-phrasing author’s words ? I notice that Sir Thomas Browne’s observation- ‘We carry with us the wonders we seek without us: There is all Africa, and her prodigies in us. -Religio Medici Section 15.

    Has been re-phrased somewhere here on this blog to –
    ‘All the wonders you seek are within yourself’ .

    Sorry to be pedantic but it quite important to me that my cultural heritage is not misrepresented, and although the paraphrase has updated Browne’s words without essentially damaging the meaning, it is not what Browne wrote. The internet is a giant game of Chinese whispers and I realise that once a misquote has been unleashed online there is little I can do about it.

    A classic example of American mis-attribution of quotes continues apace in Madeleine L’Enge’s claim that the line- ‘If thou couldst empty thyself of thyself’ was by Thomas Browne conflating Sir Thomas Browne with a 19th Scottish poet also by the name of Brown. But I really ought to find better things to do with my life than play whack-a-mole correcting American errors !

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