WriterzBlox~Quote of the Week~September 28th, 2012

“The only certainty about writing and trying to be a writer is that it has to be done, not dreamed of or planned and never written, or talked about (the ego eventually falls apart like a soaked sponge), but simply written; it’s a dreadful, awful fact that writing is like any other work.”

~ Janet Frame

2 Replies to “WriterzBlox~Quote of the Week~September 28th, 2012”

  1. Hi, I’ve been off the radar the last few months. I started school again, finally achieving a Bachelor’s of the Arts from Wilson College in Chambersburg PA. My mentor, Dr. Michael Cornelius just published two ebooks of fiction, but his real strength is literature before the 1700’s and Nancy Drew (He wrote like Susan slut and…) His expertise is always sought out in Chaucer, Autherian Literature (He speaks Middle English, like he reads Chaucer in Middle English), and Shakespeare (he is too telly for his own good). I wrote my thesis last year, and he gave me an A/4.0. Unfortunately it’s a mult-genre piece with prose to tell a character Lana’s story, with Shewhorn and Conner, and then a drama (or play) burst forth with Fruitlezz and Mona living homeless, but always together. (Except the one time they parted for barely enough time Mona returned to watch Fruitlezz being violated and Mona froze and hid behind dumpster til it ended.) The two women, lived in a Folie a Deux relationship (and for sake of story shared tactile hallucinations (( they swore critters crawled all over them feasting on their flesh)) and were lesbians. In play form (the play called Folie a deux) Fruitlezz spoke in free verse but Mona only spoke in three structures of poetry to depict three main emotions- anger, happy, sad.) The prose story is called Folly. My adviser mentor, he said I have to change it to prose etc. with several other suggestions, but he promised me this cluster f of an artistic piece must be heard. Any suggestions?

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